Portfolio Three Performance

We set up Portfolio Three two and a half years ago. Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere you know that this was a hard time to start to invest in the stock market. We have been doing OK relative to the benchmarks, but as they always say, you can’t “eat” relative performance. Since this portfolio only contains 4 stocks, it is subject to significant moves based on the performance of even a single stock. Generally you can get decent diversification when you get to approximately 10 stocks.

The beneficiary invested $1500 and the trustee invested $3000, for a total of $4500. The portfolio is currently worth $3896, for a loss of ($603), or (13%) of value, at a rate of about (7%) / year since inception.

This year there was $9 of dividends, $5 of interest income, and no capital gains or losses from sales.

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