Portfolio One Performance

Portfolio One is my longest trust fund, which started about 8 and a half years ago. The beneficiary has contributed $4500, we contributed $9000, for a total of $13,500. The fund is worth $17,528, for a gain of $4,028, or an increase of 30% over the life of the fund. Using IRR this gives a return of 5.8% over the last 8 1/2 years, which does well against most benchmarks. You can’t use just the US benchmarks because I had some foreign stocks over that span.

For 2009 taxes, there are dividends of $296.65, interest income of $8.05, and a long term capital loss of ($1,235.63) for the sale of Cemex (CX) stocks in early 2009 when I didn’t know if the debt crisis might claim this company. We sold at $7 and it rose to $10, and it appears to have survived.

For tax purposes, you won’t get an interest income statement because the amount of interest income earned is so low; under $10 for 2009 given the super-low interest rates on balances today (your broker will only send a statement if you have enough of a balance). For dividends, being the detail oriented guy that I am, I realized that foreign stocks (ADR’s) in the accounts withhold taxes so the amount of dividends that you actually receive is less than what is paid out. Since it isn’t worth tracking down at this level of investment I won’t file to offset foreign taxes paid but it is kind of a pain since the numbers won’t tie exactly to the brokerage statement that goes to the IRS. This is something I will research a bit in the future; the ETF’s I have with international stocks don’t withhold in this manner it is only individual stocks.

Below you can find a link to the excel file if you want to see how performance is calculated. It takes a while to do all of the calculations each time; you need to update current values, track dividends, determine yields, and then even look at what stocks have done since you sold them (I probably just do this to punish myself).

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