Larger Investment Topics

This blog is focused on practical advice for someone starting out in investing, setting up a smaller trust fund for a relative, or wanting to manage their own performance of a reasonably sized portfolio.

The author of this site also writes on larger topics, really ones that aren’t “actionable”.  Here are a couple that you might find interesting.

Here at Chicago Boyz I write about “Private Equity“, which mainly consists of 1) leverage buyout funds that take public companies private 2) venture capital funds that invest in early stage enterprises in hopes of taking them public for a big profit (those few that typically make it).  The general gist is that these types of financial professionals are supremely well-compensated for their efforts which haven’t warranted these big paychecks recently.

Here at Chicago Boyz I wrote about “Hedge Funds“, which also discusses their relatively vanilla strategies that seem to be easily replicable (note the pages and pages of hedge fund performance statistics in a recent issues of Barrons’) and also not worthy of the big 2% / 20% cuts.

I will try to focus this site on practical tips on a smaller scale that are actionable.

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