Re-Directing To This Site

For several years I have run a site at called “Trust Funds For Kids”.  Over time I have been moving from that web site to a word press blog run at this address

I re-directed the URL “” to this site but as it turns out very few people got here through that URL; they got here because the text had been embedded in the search engines and they found it through search words.

Just today I changed the code at the Front Page site so that everyone who goes there, searching for something that was in a search engine, gets redirected to this blog, instead.


I realize that many people are skeptical about what people write on the Internet and rightly so.  This blog is run by someone who has financial experience in setting up a trust fund, with selecting stocks, and other financial areas.  You don’t see any links to other dubious sites or get rich quick schemes.  Also no ads (maybe someday, but not now).  The only two links are to other sites that I also post at (recommended, by me at least) and likely I will add some other useful sites to the blogroll (the IRS, etc…).

I will be posting about various investing topics and how to set up a trust fund, select stocks, and related taxation issues.  Hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.





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